The Best Way to Charge Your Device Will Make Its Battery Last Way Longer

As the batteries in our electronics endure daily wear and tear, their ability to hold a charge becomes weaker and weaker, leaving us with a dead smartphone or laptop at the worst possible moment. There’s a simple explanation for why this happens. As it turns out, the life of a lithium-ion battery is generally 500 cycles (about a year and a half). A battery cycle is measured by one full charge of 0 to 100. So, the more full cycles your phone goes through, the sooner you have to change it. We can thank chemical reactions — which create atomic buildup while the device charges — for batteries’ limited lifetimes. To make your battery last as long as possible, there’s a highly recommended method for charging your devices. Don’t let your phone’s battery drain completely to zero, and when charging it, only let it reach about 85% and then unplug it. If you do fill your battery completely, don’t leave the device plugged in because doing so constantly can cause your electronics to age faster in the long run. Turn down your screen’s brightness, disable features that you don’t use such as location, certain apps, and notifications, and use low power mode to extend the life of your battery.