Man Tries to Sue His Wife After Tripping Over Her Shoes and Suffering Multiple Fractures

On Feb. 18, 2018, while visiting his fiancee’s house in Cleveland, John Walworth was asked to carry a box full of four one-gallon jugs of vinegar from Judy Khoury’s car to her basement. He took the box and entered the house, but as he got ready to descend the stairs, he stepped on a pair of shoes that Khoury had left on the landing, which caused him to tumble down the stairs. After suffering multiple bone fractures that required three surgeries and several months of physical therapy, Walworth filed suit against Khoury, arguing that she had created dangerous conditions in her home and failed in her duty as a host to protect her guest from them. Oddly enough, Walworth had married Khoury a few months after the suit was filed. Khoury testified that she didn’t actually see Walworth fall, so she couldn’t be sure he tripped over her shoes. A three-judge panel agreed that Walworth had not used ordinary care in making sure no obstacles were in his way before proceeding down the stairs and rejected his lawsuit. Khoury and Walworth remain married today.