Japan's “Mundane Halloween” — When People Dress Up As People Doing Everyday Things

Every year, Tokyo hosts a mundane Halloween costume party, where attendees dress in ordinary outfits. The idea of mundane Halloween came about in 2014 when a group of adults from Daily Portal Z – a Japanese media outlet – wanted to celebrate Halloween but were too shy to dress up in flamboyant and attention-grabbing costumes. Instead, they came up with the concept of “mundane Halloween” or “ordinary Halloween.” People came in costumes inspired by ordinary situations that happen in everyday life. Some are oddly specific and require some explanation, while others are instantly recognizable. These costumes quickly became a trend and more and more people have been dressing in mundane Halloween get-ups each year. Daily Portal Z holds a mundane Halloween party every year that attracts hundreds of people who dress up in such costumes. Halloween costumes don’t always have to be over-the-top and fancy. These mundane Halloween costumes prove that the ordinary can be hilarious and relatable. If you’re a shy person who doesn’t like dressing up as characters, take inspiration from these ordinary everyday costumes and you’ll be set for your next costume party or Halloween 2021.