Wally, the Wandering Walrus — Last Seen in Ireland — Was Just Spotted in Iceland

Earlier this year, we reported on a walrus rather unimaginably nicknamed “Wally,” who embarked on a grand tour of Europe’s western waters. He ended up spending quite a bit of time off the coast of Ireland, where locals and tourists alike enjoyed catching glimpses of a creature that normally doesn’t stray so far from the Arctic. Tipping the scales at about 1,800 pounds, Wally isn’t the kind of guest you can shoo away from your boat. Unfortunately, as he progressed along the coast, Wally took regular breaks by hoisting his considerable heft aboard small, empty vessels — and damaging some of them in the process. Removing him from the area wasn’t really an option, mainly because authorities said sedation and relocation of a healthy animal was not warranted. Instead, animal welfare organization British Divers Marine Life Rescue built a couch-like raft, hoping Wally would choose it over any less accessible craft. Eventually, he’d presumably make his own way back toward the Arctic — and that’s exactly what he’s done. Wally has traversed roughly 560 miles and ended up in the harbor of Hofn, Iceland. Seal rescuers are thrilled that Wally is not only still alive and well, but he’s well on his way home to the Arctic.