This Brilliant Japanese Invention Lets You Stay In Bed All Winter

Some people fantasize about buying a nice cozy bed, stocking up on ridiculously warm products, and staying right there all winter long. Now, thanks to a brilliant Japanese home staple, we can. It’s called a kotatsu — a heated table you can build into your couch or bed. You can sleep under it, read in it, or have a friend over……to gab IN YOUR BED. The secret is a built-in heater, which is sometimes located underneath the bed and table, but usually built into the table itself. Then, you layer blankets and cushions around the table, making for the fluffy nesting spot of your dreams. Japanese retailer Belle Maison reports that the 3-piece sofa set is their top seller. Should you want to buy a kotatsu heated blanket table, you’ll discover that it’s quite affordable. You can buy the base table for as little as $180, while package deals — which include the table, transformer, and a futon — come in around $378 and up.