Words Apple Won’t Engrave on Your New AirTags

Now that Apple has released their new AirTags for sale, a lot of people are snatching them up, with some hoping to have something engraved on them. Apple will engrave the AirTags for free with up to four characters, which can be letters, numbers, or 3 of about 30 emojis to choose from, including faces, gestures, real creatures, fantastical creatures, the skull, and the ever popular “poop” emoji. However, as in the case with vanity license places, there are certain words that are off-limits for your AirTags. You can’t use the poop emoji after a horse, dog, pig or bull emoji. If you’re determined to have your AirTags convey an illustrated message about dragon poop, chicken poop, robot poop, or alien poop, those two-emoji combos are fine. The word hell is okay, but not poop or poo. Butt and fart get the green light, but boob is banned. Most of the obvious curse words, especially the “F” word, are absolutely prohibited. If you’re curious about what innuendos you can sneak past the virtual guards, click “add engraving” on the product page and come up with some of your own.