Wife Furious After Finding Husband Selling Healthy Lunch She Packed Everyday to Buy Fast Food

Shock awaited a British woman when she came to discover that her husband had been selling off the healthy lunches she had been preparing for him daily and buying fast-food with the money. When the couple decided to buy an apartment, they went over their finances to develop a budget to save as much as possible. After calculating that the fast-food lunches the husband was buying each day were costing them more than $275 a month, the pair mutually decided that it would be better if the husband began taking his lunch to work. Things were going smoothly until a colleague of the husband’s came over for dinner, at which time he complimented the woman on her sandwiches and said they were delicious. He did, however, say the price was a bit high. Confused, the woman asked him to explain further, and that’s when she found out the colleague had been buying the sandwiches she had been making for her husband. After the colleague left, the woman told her husband she would no longer be making his lunch. While he objected, it did him little good. He's now back to taking his lunch, but there's no word on whether they measure up to the ones his wife made.