This Airplane-Shaped Handbag Costs More Than an Actual Airplane

Designed by Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director, Virgil Abloh, as part of this year’s men’s collection, this airplane-shaped handbag recently went viral for allegedly costing more than a used, single-engine airplane. Described as a “Keepall” bag, the unusual accessory looks like a miniature commercial airliner, complete with wings, tail and even four engines embossed with the signature Louis Vuitton logo. Like most LV accessories, it has the company’s monogram plastered all-over to let everyone know that you’re loaded. The bag went viral on Twitter after one user compared its price to that of a used Cessna single-engine airplane selling for just $32,300 on eBay. It’s unclear whether Louis Vuitton’s Keepall handbag is just a fashion statement, or if it actually has any functionality.