There’s a Specific Reason the Cabin Crew Greets You at the Plane Door

If you’ve ever flown, you know the drill: A flight attendant greets you as you enter the plane, smiling and welcoming you aboard. Now, a flight attendant has revealed the real reason for the greeting. It turns out that flight attendants are looking passengers up and down in order to spot people who could help in an emergency. They're looking for what they call “ABP” — able-bodied people — including military personnel and firefighters who would be able to assist in a security breach, as well as nurses and doctors who would be able to assist in a medical emergency. They’re also looking for human trafficking, people who are drunk, people who are sick, and for anything suspicious, things that don’t quite belong on a plane, things that are just “off.” So, the next time you board a plane, don’t be surprised if you catch the flight attendant sizing you up. It’s for your own good.