The Most Disgusting Non-Violent Crime Ever

The most disgusting crime ever — at least in New York City — is subway token sucking. Before MetroCards made their debut in 2003, the city used tokens to ride the subway. As is the habit of criminals, ways were found to jack the system. In this case, the criminal would carefully jam the token slot with a matchbook or gum wrapper and wait for a would-be rider to plunk a token down. When the rider pushed against the locked turnstile and couldn’t get it to work, they would walk away in frustration. That’s when the criminal would come out of the shadows and, quickly sealing his lips over the token slot, inhale powerfully, sucking the token out of the slot. Even among NYPD officers, who have seen just about everything, it was considered the most disgusting non-violent crime ever to visit the subway. Think of the hands, think of the germs, think about getting all of that in your mouth!