Synthetic Cornea Helped a Legally Blind Man Regain His Sight

A legally blind 78-year-old man has regained his sight after being the inaugural patient to receive a promising new type of corneal implant. Developed by a company called CorNeat, the KPro is the first implant that can be integrated directly into the eye wall to replace scarred or deformed corneas with no donor tissue. Immediately after the surgery, the patient was able to recognize family members and read numbers on an eye chart. The corona is the clear layer that covers and protects the front portion of the eye. It can degenerate or scar for various reasons, including diseases and trauma. The CorNeat transplant is a relatively simple procedure that requires minimal cutting and stitches. Ten patients are approved for trials in Israel, with two more this month in Canada and six others approved in France, the U.S. and the Netherlands.