Snoop Dogs! Pack of Siberian Huskies Peer Through Gate After Owner Cut Special Spy Holes For Their Eyes and Noses

These hilarious pictures capture a pack of Siberian huskies peering through a gate after their owner cut special spy holes for their eyes and noses. The dogs’ owner, Andy Grannell of Cambridgeshire, UK, said that when he bought the house in 2014, there were no gates, so he had some installed. Once the gates were in, he noticed that the dogs would poke their noses out the gap at the bottom of the gates to try and catch a glimpse outside. Grannell decided that rather than making them strain their necks to peer under the gates, he would just drill holes in the gate for the dogs. The 57-year-old said the dogs love the attention they get from passersby, who see them poking their noses and eyes out of the holes.