Safety Tips From a Former Secret Service Agent Go Viral

Women definitely need to stay alert. An attacker can be any kind of person. These words shouldn’t make women afraid of everyone; rather, they just mean there isn’t one specific type who commits a crime against women. Here are some tips from a former Secret Service agent that might help to enlighten people about how to be aware of things that just don’t seem right. 

  • Order drinks that come in bottles, as they’re harder to drug. 
  • Mace is meant to be kept in your hand, not in your purse. 
  • Never turn your back toward the door. 
  • Headphones should never leave the house. 
  • If you think you’re being followed, make 4 right turns. 
  • Someone you trust should know your whereabouts at all times.
  • Because clothing and hair styles can be altered, always look for tattoos or birthmarks — they’re permanent. 
  • Security alarms can be disabled, dogs can’t. 
  • Men never ask for help. If a man asks you for help, you need to run.