Nature Sounds Can Actually Heal Pain

It’s common knowledge that getting outside to breathe a bit of fresh air and take in the sunshine is good for your soul, but a recent study found that listening to Mother Nature can actually help your body. Researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa recently studied the effects of nature sounds, including birds chirping and rivers running, on both the human mind and its effects on human pain. The team found that natural sounds can have a positive effect on both. As to which sounds people respond best to, the researchers found soundscapes that included birds had the biggest effect on lowering stress and feelings of annoyance. So we should all run to our nearest national park, right? Well, hang on a second, because the researchers have a bit of bad news to share, too. They discovered that human noises like car horns were found in high levels at almost every national park in the country. That means the more people there are at a national park, the more human noises will drown out the natural ones. The alternative is to listen to recordings of nature sounds, but make sure you do it in a quiet space, preferably outside, even if it's only in your backyard.