Nabisco Rewards Man For Explaining the Real Meaning of the Name “Triscuit”

Have you ever wondered where the cracker name “Triscuit” comes from? Would you be surprised to learn that Nabisco have the answer to that question? Sage Boggs, a writer from New York, was at a party and noticed a box of Triscuits and wondered what the name stood for. He raised the question and before long began trying to unravel the mystery. He initially thought about how “tri” means three. Maybe there are three layers, perhaps three ingredients. After Googling it, he found that there was no official answer. Then he decided to go right to the source. He emailed Nabisco, but they could only confirm that the “tri” in terms of their cracker doesn’t mean three. It turns out they had no records that would specifically explain the origins of the brand name. So, Boggs continued his search and soon found a key clue from an early 1900s ad for Triscuit. At that time, Triscuit was run out of Niagara Falls and their big selling point was being “baked by electricity.” In fact, they claimed to be “the only food on the market prepared by this 1903 process.” Looking at the lightning bolts in the ad, it hit him. The name is elec-TRI-city and biscuit…….Triscuit means “electricity biscuit.” Nabisco responded to the solution to the mystery by rewarding Boggs with…….what else?……free boxes of Triscuits!