Man’s Shameless Cat Spotted In Neighbor’s Real Estate Listing

If you’ve ever wondered what your cat is up to when he or she slinks out of view, you’re not alone. Beyond taking long naps in the sun and somehow managing to knock over everything in sight, what exactly do cats do to fill their day? One cat owner unexpectedly found an answer to the age-old question when he decided to check out his neighbor’s real estate listing online. Michael Hubank was shocked when he discovered his orange tabby Freddy laying right smack in the middle of the bed in one of bedrooms featured in the real estate listing. Clearly, Freddy decided to catch some Z’s in his neighbor’s house, but more important is the question social media users are asking: How did the cat get into the neighbor’s house? Did he have a key or a special code? Hubank is just as perplexed. What remains to be seen is whether or not Freddy has added value to the house.