How Michael Bublé Got Fired From "The X-Files”

The behind-the-scenes world of creating television shows can be merciless, and plenty of people who later became famous tell of their rough start in Tinseltown. Michael Bublé is one of those people. He recently revealed in an interview that when he was first starting out, he took bit parts as extras on TV shows, including The X-Files, where he played a member of a submarine crew……that is, until he was unceremoniously fired from the set for a food-oriented gaffe. Bublé recounted how he was fired after grabbing a hot dog from the craft services table. What most people don’t know is that the craft food table is generally off-limits to extras. Bublé tried to justify his error by explaining that he was starving, but the woman who caught him assured him that he would never work again in Hollywood because he would be blacklisted. In fact, she publicly fired him and did it in the most aggressive, mean way she could. As it turns out, the joke is on her. In the time since the infamous hot dog theft, Bublé has not only done a lot of work on television, he has also won an American Music Award and four Grammy Awards. Obviously, The X-Files survived, despite being one extra and a hot dog short.