College Mails Pizza Slices To Students

Liberal arts college Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, recently surprised its remote students by mailing them slices of pizza. The nearly 300 remote students were taken by surprise and immediately questioned whether it was safe to eat. The idea behind the university’s unusual gesture was so the students could enjoy the college-town favorite New York Pizzeria from home. When safety experts were consulted to see if the well-intended gift would be safe to eat, all agreed that they, personally, wouldn’t eat the mailed pizza. With another semester of remote classes for some students, the school and alumni wanted to remind virtual students that they’re still part of the Colgate community. The pizzeria estimated that it was about 70 pizzas they vacuumed-sealed in packages of two slices. While the students appreciated the free pizza, they agreed on social media that there should have been some explanation with the pizza. Apparently, the class the people who came up with the idea desperately need to attend is Communications 101.