Bake and Bathe: Tiny New York Apartments Have Showers in the Kitchen

An old school apartment building in New York City’s East Village is renting apartments with showers and bathtubs in their kitchens and tenants are shelling out up to $1,600 a month for them. Located at 328 East 6th Street in the heart of Manhattan’s Ukrainian Village, the tiny apartments are cramped 500 square foot units. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the East Village is currently $2,475, so $1,600 a month is a bargain. The five-story, 16-unit building, built in 1900, offers tenants their choice of a classic style bathtub or a free-standing shower stall, allowing tenants to bathe just feet away from their stove tops. Fortunately, the units feature a separate room for the toilet.