All Aboard! Motorist Packs Entire Household On a Ford Pickup

Ford Motor Company’s F-150 pickup truck has been billed as the type of vehicle that can meet any challenge thrown its way. Apparently, that includes moving all of your household belongings in a single trip. That’s exactly what one resident in Mexico did recently, when he hauled every single piece of furniture he owned on top of his F-150. Cabinets, bed frames, dressers, a couch, tables, and even a metal object resembling a gas tank were neatly stacked up on the bed of the truck and on a makeshift flat platform that extended over the vehicle’s roof. While it looked like the furniture could spill onto the road, all of the items were tightly secured with multiple ropes that wrapped around the cargo. According to Ford, the F-150 can carry a load ranging from 1,840 pounds to 3,250 pounds. Check out the video.