Woman Reads the Fine Print On Her Insurance Policy and Winds Up $10,000 Richer

How many times have we been warned to “read the fine print” before signing documents? Truth be told, most people skip right over that, mainly because it’s typically long and drawn out in terms the common person won’t understand anyway. It turns out that one woman’s choice to actually follow those directions paid off. Travel insurance company Squaremouth began hiding the instructions for claiming a prize in the policy document of every insurance policy it sold. The company planned to run the contest for an entire year, thinking it was unlikely that anyone would even notice the section labeled “pays to read” sandwiched between legal terms on Page 7 of the nearly 4,000-word document. If it went unnoticed, the plan was to donate the $10,000 to charity. What they didn’t count on was high school teacher Donelan Andrews actually reading it. The 59-year-old, who describes herself as a “nerd,” says she always reads the terms, whether it’s a digital software agreement or a travel insurance policy. It wasn’t long before she came across the contest notice. Following the instructions to claim the prize, Andrews shot off an email to the email address provided, and the next day she got a call back to let her know she’d won the $10,000. The contest was over just 23 hours into its year-long run. Andrews, who is soon to retire, said she plans to use the prize money to fund a trip to Scotland for her 35th wedding anniversary. In honor of her quick claiming of the prize, Squaremouth donated an additional $5,000 to each of the two high schools where Andrews works to improve their media centers, and $10,000 to the children's literacy charity Reading is Fundamental.