Why You Should Put Wine Corks In Your Fruit Bowl

A group of mothers has shared an age-old trick to repel pesky fruit flies for good, and all you need is some wine corks. Australian parenting group Mum Central explained how placing wine corks in fruit bowls works as a natural repellent to keep fruit clear of the bugs. Natural corks are said to absorb moisture from the ripening fruit, which then activatea a fragrance that keeps flies at bay without using chemicals. For those who don’t drink wine or don't have any wine corks lying around, they can be purchased on eBay for $12 for a bag of 30. Ray Watts, a sommelier from Cameron Hughes Wine, said this tip actually works. He went on to suggest using one cork for every 2-3 pieces of fruit. The trick only works with natural corks, not composite or synthetic corks. Be warned: If you already have an infestation of fruit flies, this process won’t work. You will need to get that under control and then begin using corks to prevent a recurrence.