Walrus Falls Asleep On An Iceberg and Wakes Up in Ireland

An arctic walrus has found itself a long way from home after drifting on an iceberg somewhere in Greenland. Locals spotted the tusked mammal on the coast of an Irish island. Marine biologists say it's very likely the walrus fell asleep and was carried across the Atlantic Ocean on an iceberg. Five-year-old Muireann Houlihan and her dad, Alan, spotted the walrus on the rocks of Valentia Island in County Kerry. Experts say it’s possible that the animal — which is thought to be a young adult and appears fit and fat — will likely make his way back home. They say the best thing for the walrus is rest to regain energy ahead of a return north to his native land, a trip of hundreds of miles. The public is being encouraged to observe the wayward traveler from a safe distance and give it the space it requires.