Village Turns Off Street Lights for a Month to Save a Bird’s Nest

A village in India recently made an incredible sacrifice to save a nest of birds. In Potthakudi, a village in the Shivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, people kept street lights off for 35 days so a bird could lay eggs and let them hatch in peace. After a local employee found that a bird had nested on the electrical switchboard that operated the city’s streetlights, he started to watch the bird’s behavior. He found that when he turned on the lights the bird flew away. Karuppu Raja is in charge of operating street lights in the village and quickly became concerned for the bird’s welfare. He convinced people in the village to keep the lights off, and students went door-to-door to convince residents to join the effort. In the end, 100 families agreed to keep the lights off until the bird was safe enough to leave the electrical switchboard.