Treating Tinnitus Through the Tongue?

It can sound like a soft buzzing, a sudden hissing, or a loud roaring. Tinnitus — the sensation of hearing phantom sounds — ranges from annoying to debilitating, and it affects 10-15% of the population. Unfortunately, finding relief from these symptoms can be tough. Now, researchers at Neuromod Devices in Dublin, Ireland, have received positive results from a year-long clinical trial of a device that pairs sounds with gentle electrical tongue stimulation to treat tinnitus. Twelve weeks of treatment with the device revealed significantly reduced tinnitus symptom severity for up to a year after treatment. With the treatment, researchers are shifting the brain’s focus away from the tinnitus to other sounds using the device. Neuromod is now planning a follow-up study to try different variations of tones and tongue stimulation to determine which features are driving the positive effects. In the near future, this device could be the answer for sufferers of tinnitus.