This Company Will Pay You $2,400 to Avoid All Screens for 24 Hours

Think you can go 24 hours without social media? What about giving up your TV? Could you turn off your phone and computer for that long? If so, there’s a company willing to pay someone $2,400 — that's $100 an hour — for a full day of screen detoxing., a company that tests home services and products, is holding a 24-hour digital detox, paying their chosen challengers to survive a whole day without screens. This feat, however, is about more than avoiding your phone for a day. Those chosen for the challenge must avoid screens of all kinds, including gaming consoles, handheld devices, computers and laptops, smartwatches and wearable tech, and smart home devices. In fact, microwaves are pretty much the only technology you’ll be able to use during the 24-hour period. will even provide $200 Amazon gift cards so people can stock up on activities to keep them busy outside of the online world. That includes typewriters to substitute for computers, writing paper to replace texting, board games instead of video games, and paint and brushes to create self-portraits instead of selfies. Challengers will have to review the “survival kit” and provide feedback on the experience after completing the detox. Applications are open through March 26, and the winner will be announced on the website on March 29. It’s unclear how many challengers will be chosen, but if you want to throw your hat in the ring, you can do it here: