This British Swan Won't Stop Knocking On People's Doors For Hours On End

Residents of Northhampton, England, have been terrorized by a swan that’s been persistently knocking on their doors over the past five years. Some have called the bird Percy, others Cedric, still others some other not-so-nice names. The swan lives in a lake which is adjacent to the properties, and this time of the year it seems to spend the whole day tapping on doors in the area. Percy, Cedric, or whoever the bird is seems to have a particular fondness for the door of resident Stephen Legg. The 70-year-old says the bird opens and closes the mail slot on his door like it’s a door-knocker. “He can do it four or five hours in one go if he’s having an off day,” said Legg. “I find it a bit irritating after a couple of hours.” Legg says one year he put up a plastic bag to ward off the noisy neighbor, but the bird concentrated its efforts on a nearby house instead. For years, Legg and his neighbors have endured the swan’s antics, and they’re prepared to continue to put up with the nuisance, since there’s little else they can do.