The City With the Most Roundabouts

If you happen to live in Carmel, Indiana, you're likely quite familiar with roundabouts. That's because the city of 105,000 is recognized as the “roundabout capital of the U.S.” The city installed one of the first electric automated traffic signals in the state in the early 1900s, but now there are only about a dozen left because they’ve been replaced by roundabouts — 125 of them to be exact. The town is so proud of their roundabouts and the title it gained them that they actually hold “Roundabout Week” every September, complete with live music, food, and a fireworks display in the middle of one of the roundabouts. City officials are pleased because accidents have decreased by 80% where roundabouts replaced traditional intersections. Carmel also estimates that roundabouts save drivers about 24,000 gallons of gas per year per roundabout, thanks to fewer long lines of traffic and less idling for cars. It is estimated that between 14,000 and 47,000 cars utilize the roundabouts each day.