Relative Of Man Who Vanished From His Cabin In 1934 Attempts To Crack Canada’s Oldest Cold Case

In October of 1934, Harold Heaven mysteriously disappeared from his remote lakeside cabin in Minden, Ontario. The cabin door was left open, with an oil lamp burning side. Missing were Harold and his rifle. He is believed to have been wearing a suit, dress shoes and a fedora. Police searched the nearby woods and dredged the adjacent lake, but Harold was never found. Ontario Provincial Police at the time ruled his death a suicide, even though his body was never found. His family, however, never believed the suicide ruling. Now, his great-grand nephew Mike Mildon has taken up the case. Mildon, along with his best friend, Jackson Rowe, are the filmmakers behind the new 8-part series For Heaven’s Sake, which aims to discover exactly what happened to Harold eight decades ago. Among the theories passed down is that Harold had clashed with road workers building a highway near his cabin. The series is being shown on Paramount's new streaming service, Paramount+.