Obese Woman Who Spent $700 a Week On Her Fast-Food Habit Sheds the Pounds

Carmen Lacey, 24, tipped the scales at 317 pounds while battling an eating disorder. The student nurse would spend $700 on fast-food every week, while battling sleep apnea, asthma, acid reflux and skin discoloration. She finally decided to opt for the gastric sleeve surgery that she hoped would help her shed the pounds. It worked, and Carmen lost an impressive 141 pounds. Within two months, all of her physical ailments disappeared. Unfortunately, she was left with a lot of excess skin following the weight loss, which made her feel like she was “trapped in an 80-year-old’s body.” She decided to have skin removal surgery, and between the weight loss and skin removal has gone from a size 26 to a size 10. Now, instead of spending $700 a week on fast-food, Carmen is using the money to save for her first house. “Health is wealth, and I took that for granted,” she said.