If You Need a Light, Boiled Potatoes Can Supply Enough Power To Light a Room For 40 Days

If you ever find yourself without power — you know, like the Texans did last month — you might be wondering what you can do for light aside from traditional battery-operated flashlights and lanterns. You might actually have something in your pantry that can help you out: potatoes. Yes, the same potatoes that are used for mashed potatoes, fries, tater tots, etc. can provide power. Researchers have found that if you put two metal rods into a potato, it creates a chemical reaction that allows it to supply power. Even better, if you boil the potatoes for eight minutes, it gives them even more energy. The bonus is that potatoes are about six times cheaper than regular AA batteries. Amazingly, a boiled potato can provide enough power to light a room for up to 40 hours.