Firefighters Can Be Called To Legally Burn Down Your House

It may be one of the strangest ideas anyone has ever heard of that doesn’t involve insurance fraud, but some people choose to burn down their own houses, and they do so legally. People who have a house they want to get rid of — for one reason or another — can actually call on their local fire department to help them. Oddly enough, there’s a good chance the fire department will be excited to help you burn your home the ground. That’s because they’re always training for the next emergency, but training simulators can only resemble actual conditions to a certain extent. What’s lacking is an actual burning house to use to hone their skills. Before your home can meet its fiery end, it has to be prepared. All utility lines must be properly shut off, capped off, and disconnected. Demolition permits need to be issued, and any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, must be removed. Firefighters will work with your state’s Environmental Protection Agency to make sure that all of the rules for an intentional burn for firefighter training purposes are in order. Once the house has been completely burned, there should be little left beyond the ash debris on the house’s foundation. You’re welcome.