Finland Is Still the Happiest Country In the World

For years, Denmark was considered the world’s happiest country, but now it’s Finland’s time to shine. The European nation has been named the happiest country in the world for the fourth year in a row in. So, what makes Finland so happy? The country has extensive welfare benefits, low levels of corruption, a well-functioning democracy, and an instilled sense of freedom and independence, which is a big part of what makes up our happiness. In the work world, Finland scores high because companies empower the workforce to embrace a healthy work-life balance and provide workers with top-notch flexibility. Finland also places high importance on having no homeless, providing support with an end-goal of having every citizen own their own home. The country consistently pushes the boundaries of working and socioeconomic culture in order to be the most progressive and forward-thinking nation, not for itself, but for the sake of its people.