Anchorage Costco Customers Say Ravens Are Stealing Their Groceries In the Parking Lot

There’s more going on at Costco in Anchorage than the latest sales. Shoppers are being bombarded by ravens, who are stealing their groceries in the parking lot. Hundreds of ravens fly to Anchorage in the winter for food, leaving as soon as Spring returns. In the meantime, they've made a habit of swooping down and plucking assorted meats, fruits and vegetables from unsuspecting customers' grocery carts. The Anchorage Audubon Society, which counts birds every December, recorded 750 common ravens in 2020, including ravens that stay in the city year-round, as well as birds from out of town. As Anchorage has grown over the years, so has the amount of garbage, making the city a hot spot for the meat bandits. Ravens are social learners, meaning they watch other birds to learn, and for years they’ve watched people in parking lots of grocery stores with their food. They know what a piece of meat looks like in a grocery cart and they’re not afraid to swoop down and try to fly off with it. Meanwhile, shoppers are urged to use zippered reusable bags to keep the flying pests out.