Woman Avoids Stalker By Following Safety Tips She Found Online

Have you ever considered the fact that your post on a social media platform could potentially save someone else’s life, or at least help them escape a dangerous situation? That’s exactly what happened to Reddit user @aggressivelycanadian. The woman explained that she was on her way to visit her grandmother when she decided to stop by a mall first. She noticed a restroom right by the entrance, but then noticed a suspicious man in a yellow mask following her. Then she remembered the advice on social media on how to avoid a stalker. The tip said to go into a store that the suspected person would typically not have an interest in. That’s when she ducked into a dollhouse store. The man in the yellow mask soon entered the store. After realizing he was truly following her, she called her husband, who was waiting in the car. As she left the store to meet her husband, the man quickened his pace behind her. That's when she put her phone on speaker and said loudly, “I am being followed by the man behind me.” The man quickly went in a different direction, just as the woman’s husband was entering. All’s well that ends well, but the woman is thankful to all the people who post safety tips online.