What Life Is Like In the Snowiest City In the World

Aomori City in Japan is officially the snowiest city in the world. The coastal city located in northern Japan sits between the Hakkōda Mountains and the edge of Mutsu Bay, which means it gets a ton of snow during the winter. The winter months mean delays, interruptions in public transportation, and roads filled with abandoned cars. The city is home to more than 279,000 people, who endure temperatures that never get higher than 39º. The city gets an average of 26 feet of snowfall every year, mostly between November and April. Across Aomori, stretches of the national highway are closed down every winter, reopening in April when a team of snowplows spend almost a month clearing the highway of snow. The good news is that city sidewalks are heated, keeping them relatively free of snow and ice. Most people travel by high-speed train, which are kept running by a sprinkler system that uses warm water to keep the trains free of snow and ice. So how do residents keep warm? Aomori is know for one other thing besides record snowfalls……the region is a popular producer of sake.