This Proves There Are Some Actors Who Can Look Beyond Themselves

It’s pretty much a given that Hollywood actors are a combination of  exhibitionists and narcissists. However, every now and then we run across one who is able to think outside of themselves. In the late 1990s, Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist volunteered and lived at Fox Laundry in Santa Monica, surviving off tips from customers. One of those customers happened to be struggling actor Zach Galifianakis. After the success of his first movie, The Hangover, in 2009, he stopped going to the laundromat, but he always checked on his old friend Mimi. When he learned that the laundromat was closing and Mimi would become homeless, he found her an apartment in Santa Monica and began paying her rent and utilities. However, he did more than foot Mimi’s bills. In 2013, the actor escorted his then 86-year-old friend down the red carpet at The Hangover III premiere. Every time Zach was in town, he would make sure to take Mimi to have her makeup done, buy her a new dress, and take her out for dinner. That’s really thinking outside the Hollywood box. Today, “Queen Mimi” — as she’s been dubbed — is 94 years old and still living in her Santa Monica apartment.