This Is Why the British Drink So Much Tea

When you think of tea in America, you normally imagine it being served on a Southern porch on a sweltering day. In Britain, however, tea is inextricably woven into the fabric of everyday life. The proof is in the numbers: the British drink 100 million cups of tea every day — that’s almost 36 billion cups per year. Many Brits firmly believe that no task — from studying to data entry to putting up a shelf — can be accomplished without a good “cuppa." In fact, some even measure the length of a task by how many cups of tea are required to finish it. How you take your tea is just as important, indicating your social class, personality, and tribal affiliation. Make tea: it’s what Brits do instead of panicking. After centuries of ritual, the British identity is now at least 10% tea. Milk also plays in an important role in how the Brits drink their tea. In fact, it’s a subject of controversy, with those who add milk to the cup first challenging those who add it after the tea is already in the cup. Americans, on the other hand, are scratching their heads as to why anybody would put milk in tea to begin with. Rather than argue over it, why not just have a nice cup of tea.