The Unique Oval Community Gardens of Copenhagen

The Naerum suburban district of Copenhagen in Denmark is home to one of the most visually appealing allotment gardens in the world — the “round gardens” — which are actually oval. In 1948, 40 oval allotment gardens, each measuring approximately 82 X 49 feet, were laid out on a rolling lawn between public housing on one side and more traditional allotments on the other. Owners were free to position their cottages, select the surrounding hedges, and lay out the interior of their plots. The lack of road access to each plot may seem like a flaw at first glance, but it’s by design to encourage owners to walk more, get some fresh air before getting into their cars, as well as greet and maybe socialize with their neighbors more. Nearly 70 years later, the oval gardens of Naerum are still one of the most beautiful attractions in the Danish capital.