The Pros and Cons of Copper Cookware

When it comes to cookware, copper is a classic material. It’s a naturally-occurring, highly-conductive metal that’s very responsive to heat changes, twice as conductive as aluminum, and 10 times more conductive than stainless steel. It allows for even cooking, it’s naturally antimicrobial, and it's perfect for cooking foods that require steady heat and precise temperature control. However, there are also cons to copper cookware. For one thing, it’s not an everyday pan. Because copper pans heat up and cool down quickly, heat retention becomes an issue for many recipes. It’s also high maintenance. Like cast iron, it’s not something you can simply run through the dishwasher. It needs proper maintenance, which means cleaning and polishing to keep it from oxidizing. Finally, it’s expensive. A single pot typically runs around $100, and a full set can set you back thousands. On the upside, while copper might not fit in everyone's budget and requires some love and attention, they can last for generations if well-taken care of.