The Electric Daisy That Makes Your Mouth Feel Like It’s Being Electrocuted

Acmella oleracea
is an attractive/edible ornamental plant from Brazil that keeps a bizarre secret. If you munch on a fresh leaf, your mouth is met with a mild buzzing sensation similar to putting a 9-volt battery to your tongue. However, if you chew on a fresh flower, things turn out much differently. As you chew, the power of the plant is released, and before long your eyes will begin to water and your mouth turns into a chamber of sizzling electricity. Saliva starts flooding your mouth, and it becomes harder and harder to talk without sounding like you’re drunk. After about 10 minutes, the effects diminish. Fortunately, the Acmella oleracea is not poisonous. In fact, it’s used to relieve toothaches and as an ingredient in Brazilian rice dishes.