Scottish Town Gets Creative In Slowing Down Drivers

Residents of Arnprior in Stirlingshire, Scotland, are annoyed by a measure taken by the city council as a way to slow down traffic driving through the sleepy little village. Instead of a straight white line painted down the middle of the road, residents are seeing squiggly white lines. The center line markings are complemented by red road markings at the side. Most residents find the lines not only ineffective, but stupid. The idea is that when people come upon the wobbly lines, they assume it’s going to be a bumpy road, so they slow down. Farmer Duncan McEwen, who owns Arnprior Farm, expressed his feelings by saying, “It is an absolute waste of money that could have been better spent elsewhere, such as fixing potholes.” The city council doesn't seem concerned about the opinions being expressed, choosing instead to focus on vehicle speed reduction.