New York’s Most Expensive Eviction Ever

The Big Apple holds the record for the most expensive eviction ever, and the story behind it is amazing. When a developer bought the MayFlower Hotel, most of the tenants agreed to move out. However, there were four holdouts in the rent-controlled apartments. After some negotiation, three departed, with one receiving $650,000 and the other two receiving $1 million each. With 73-year-old Herb Sukenik, things were different. A man with a PhD and an inheritance from his late father, it wasn’t about money for Herb. He simply wanted a new apartment with a park view. The developers found the perfect spot overlooking the park in an apartment that was almost eight times the size of his current residence. They even agreed to buy it and lease it to Sukenik until his death. The one demand they didn't agree to was free meals twice a week at the building’s restaurant, run by a world-renowned chef. That’s when the deal changed. Sukenik informed the developers that he no longer wanted just the apartment, but he also wanted money — a lot of money — and he now was represented by an attorney. After two years, the developers finally reached $17 million in their offer to Herb, and he accepted. Two days later the building was leveled, making Herb's the most expensive eviction amount ever paid.