Man’s Love of Roller Coasters Motivates Him To Lose 190 Pounds

No one will deny that Jared Ream is a card-carrying member of American Coaster Enthusiasts, but it was his 430-pound girth that prevented him from going on the 310-foot Millennium Force at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park. Unable to buckle the safety restraint, the 35-year-old was asked to leave the ride. He was so embarrassed that he gave up thrill rides for a while. Then he heard about the Orion coaster, which is one of only a handful of full-circuit coasters in the world that stand between 300 and 400 feet tall. That’s when he made the decision to lose weight. In less than 11 months, Jared lost 195 pounds by limiting himself to 2,000 calories a day, eating more fruit and vegetables, and jogging in place in his garage while watching TV. He went down 18 sizes and now wears size 36 pants, down from size 54. Kings Island invited him to ride the Orion as many times as he liked on the park’s media day, one day before it opened to the public. Weighing just 240 pounds, Jared was able to comfortably buckle the safety restraint and finally took the 300-foot drop on his dream roller coaster. He rode the 91-mph Orion four times that day and plans to return every chance he gets.