Iron Shoe Training: Man Exercises By Walking With 320 Pounds Attached to His Feet

A man in China is getting a lot of attention because of his unique training regimen — walking with 320 pounds of steel plates attached to his feet. Zhang Enshun, 42, has been training in the art of “iron shoes” for the past five months and has already made significant progress. After seeing news reports of people working out by walking with heavy weights attached to their feet, Zhang decided to try it for himself. He began by attaching one steel plate weighing around 40 pounds to each of his feet and taking a few steps with it. Today, he can walk around with four of the heavy plates on each foot. With the weights — which are more than twice his body weight — Zhang can walk around 325 yards a day. He said the iron shoe workout has improved his circulation and is keeping his joints healthy. However, experts warn that this type of exercise has its risks. Everyone’s bones are different, and the pressure a person’s bones and joints can withstand is limited. Anyone thinking about taking up this workout should use great caution and definitely consult their physician before beginning.