He’s Really “Lovin’ It”: McDonald’s Superfan Has Eaten Burgers Every Other Day For Two Decades

David Geyer has been addicted to McDonald’s since he first tried the food in 1997. Gardener, 32, from Bergheim, Germany, has even tattooed a meal on his leg. He estimates he has spent around $7,000 on McDonald’s merchandise and a staggering $56,000 on food over the years, eating up to 12 fast-food meals a week at the height of his obsession. He has filled his home with memorabilia, including a makeshift McDonald’s sign and menu on his living room wall. He says he never orders the same meal over and over because that would get boring. His favorite meal is a Big Tasty Bacon meal with fries. Having eat over 4,360 burgers, Geyer has no complaints about the menu, though he tends to avoid the Filet O Fish and vegan options. As his photos show, he’s not overweight and claims he has no health issues……….yet.