Garfield Phone Mystery Finally Solved

For 38 years, fragments of novelty Garfield telephones were washing up on the picturesque coast of Brittany in France almost every day. Nobody knew why or where they came from. Day after day, locals clearing up litter along the beaches would stumble across the bright orange pieces of the feline-shaped plastic. Now, the mystery of les téléphones Garfield has been solved by environmental volunteers. It turns out the telephones came from a lost container swept off a cargo ship in 1983. The container had lodged deep in a cave that was 100 feet deep and accessible only at low tide. At high tide, the cave would spit out some of the telephones, which would then make their way to the beaches. Since the container remains partially buried and inaccessible — with no way of knowing how many telephones remain in it — it’s unlikely clean-up volunteers have seen the last of Garfield.