Farm Rents Their Goats for Zoom Conference Calls and Raises $68,000

They say everything is better with goats. They’re cute, some of them have a funny scream, they can jump around, and apparently they’re great yoga companions. Now you can get one for your online meetings for a mere $6 for blocks of five minutes. Dot McCarthy of the Cronkshaw Fold Farm in Lancashire, England, ran into a bit of financial difficulty after the pandemic hit, mainly because their educational visits and party hosting were put on hold. So, one day she joked about how they should get the goats to join in people’s Zoom meetings. It was a completely wacky idea, but she decided to put up a website and see what happened. The very next day, the farm was bombarded with requests. One thing led to another, and since the launch of the business venture, the farm has managed to earn over $68,000. McCarthy was worried that she might have to lay off some employees, but now those same people are busy hosting online meetings with goats. So, if your Zoom meetings are boring and you want to liven them up a little, you can book a goat on the farm’s website at