Can You Spot What's Unusual About This Sofa?

Furniture brand Koala has unveiled a new sofa made from a very unlikely material. While it’s not usually the material that springs to mind when buying a couch, the company has launched Australia’s first sofa made entirely from cork trees. Designed to keep both the consumer and the planet comfy, the water-resistant material not only withstands most accidental spills, it's easy to clean, it's durable and it's made to age gracefully. The material also doesn't absorb dust and protects against allergies. Using only animal-free and eco-friendly dyes and coating materials, the cork sofa comes in two colors - Yarra Cork and Jenolan Black — to suit all tastes and spaces. The three-seater will set you back $2,300 and an extra $500 for an ottoman, but it's one of the most eco-friendly pieces of furniture that's perfect for styling a sustainable home.