An Unlikely McDonald’s in Hong Kong

You wouldn’t expect the words quinoa and ambient lighting to be associated with McDonald’s, but they are in Hong Kong. Gone are the red-and-yellow color palette and harsh lighting. Inside McDonald’s Next, you’ll find a sleek black-and-white logo, ambient lighting, glass and metallic interiors, and a salad bar. Yes, a salad bar, and it’s filled with 19 ingredients, including two choices of salad base greens, two kinds of cheese, three flavors of sauces and — of course — quinoa. For those seeking a Big Mac, don’t worry. McDonald’s Next still has the regular menu, but also offers the new Create Your Taste (CYT) concept, which allows visitors to customize their burgers by touch screen. The branch, located in the city’s Admiralty neighborhood, has also been outfitted with mobile phone charging platforms, free Wi-Fi and self-ordering kiosks. The new restaurant also offers table service after 6 p.m. McDonald’s is shifting its decades-old, tried and tested methods because the old business model is failing. Not only is there more competition in the fast food market, but people around the world are becoming more health conscious. Of course, with a fresh perspective comes a new pricing model, but people say they’re willing to pay a little more because the food is very fresh.